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Oncology Massage  This massaged is specific to meet peoples needs and where they are in their experience with cancer. The aim is apply  comfort, nuture and to  support you in this process. This massage is based on compassion and specialized treatment according to your diagnosis and treatment. The benefits of this massage include; improved relaxation, sleep, and immune function. It has also been shown to help relieve anxiety, pain, fatigue and nausea.


Myofascial Release When you store stress and tension in your muscles and connective tissue, this will cause them to become stiff and locked, which will result in discomfort or pain. MFR is a very gentle stretch of the fascial system. It will help to loosen those connective tissues that are causing you pain and discomfort. Not only does it help to loosen tight muscles it can help to elevate your mood. This massage is good for people of all ages and all different types of conditions. People with fibromyalgia will especially benefit.  As the process of releasing fascia is time consuming it is recommended to schedule a longer appointment.


Integrative Reflexology This treatment starts off with a therapeutic foot soak that may contain essential oils.  A foot scrub with either salt, sugar and aromatic oils may be added to enhance the treatment.  Intergrative reflexology promotes stimulation of reflex points, not only on the feet but on the ears and hands as well.  Just some of the benefits you may experience are: a deeply relaxing sensation, at times feeling as if you had a full body massage.  Helps with the digestive system, sinus congestion. Helps to reduce muscle tension, and swelling in the feet as it increases lymphatic, nerve and blood circulation.  

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